What is Dichroic Fused Glass?

What is Dichroic Fused Glass?
Dichroic is a coating put on glass, there are numerous thin layers of metal oxides on the glass put on in a vacuum chamber. This is a very tedious process and it makes the dichroic coated glass one of the most expensive glasses manufactured. The word dichroic means two colors, making the glass have a reflective color & a transmitted color, so many of the colors change when turned in the light.

The Dichroic coated glass comes in numerous colors, textures & patterns, see picture to the right. The dichroic coating is usually on either black or clear glass & the sheet is round with varying thickness. The size of a whole sheet is apx 19 inches across. The glass is made by Bullseye or Uroborus & most of my dichroic coated glass is from CBS Dichroic Coatings. The glass & the coatings are made in the United States, making this a complete Made in America product except for the bails & wires.

I cut the glass up in small pieces then stack it & fire it in a kiln to apx 1500 degrees to melt/fuse the pieces together to become one solid piece of glass. Then I grind the edges to get the proper shape & smoothness. Then fire it in the kiln again to fire polish the edges & to properly anneal the glass for strength & durability. Most of my pieces are made individually but some are cut from larger fired pieces. Some of the glass is cut on a ring saw to get shapes and some on a band saw with diamond blades. I use a drill press & diamond drill bits to put holes in the glass.

All of my dichroic glass is topped off with either clear glass or a transparent colored glass over the dichroic coating to get more depth & shine & to protect the dichroic coating. When the dichroic coating isn't covered in clear it actually looks like metal.

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